3. The Divinity of the Holy Spirit – Discussion Starters

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  1. The Holy Spirit is God. Is that a subtle reality? Not all Bible-believing Christians accept the divinity of the Holy Spirit with equal ease. What about you? Do you believe that the Holy Spirit is divine? Do you see the Holy Spirit as a member of the godhead on an equal standing with God the Father and Jesus the Son? Why is the concept of the Holy Spirit so hard for some of us Christians to grasp?
  2. The Holy Spirit and God. “Lying to the Holy Spirit is lying to God.” How does the tragic story of Annanias and Saphira link the Holy Spirit to God? Hint: In what way does Peter’s questioning of Annanias about his lying indicate that he has sinned against God? What was the punishment meted on this couple for their sin? Will God punish all of His people by death if they are less than honest in their dealings with Him and His church? How can the Holy Spirit help us prevent such a dramatic and tragic twist of rebellion in our Christian life?
  3. The Holy Spirit’s Divine Attributes. What does Paul say is the only means through which God makes His wisdom known to us? What makes the Holy Spirit so qualified to understand God’s inner thoughts? What beloved story of the Bible is known as a “miracle of the first magnitude”? How did the Holy Spirit contribute to the spiritual lives of Paul? According to this week’s lesson, what is the most amazing work of the Holy Spirit?
  4. Interchangeable References. How can the use of parallel structure of various statements about the working of God among His people point to the presence of the Holy Spirit? For example, the Lord said to Moses, “The Spirit of Israel said…to me.” (2 Samuel 23:2) and in the next verse, “The God of Israel said…to me.” Who, then, was the speaker? Another example is found in 1 Corinthians 2:11 where Paul writes about the Holy Spirit distributing spiritual gifts to believers and a few verses later (28), he assures us that God gives us spiritual gifts.
  5. Divine Work of the Holy Spirit. Can we gain insight into spiritual development that is dramatically assisted by the Holy Spirit? How? Try to explain the new birth without the Holy Spirit’s involvement. Can it be done? Why not? How can we help believers who are troubled by different verbal structures in writing or speaking describe the steps of conversion and other miraculous events in the Christian life?
  6. The Importance of His Divinity. Once we have declared the Holy Spirit to be God, how should we determine to relate to Him? Is it always appropriate to pray directly to the Holy Spirit? How can our weekly and daily worship be magnified by our being aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our meditation and life. What is the best thing about having God in our hearts through the Holy Spirit?

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