5 The Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit – Discussion starters

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  1. Optional or Essential? What would the Christian life be like without the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do for us? How does the Holy Spirit help us live the life of a true Christian and not just as a follower of God in name only? Do you want to be filled with the Spirit? How can studying these daily lessons help you in that pursuit?
  2. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Is baptism of the Holy Spirit a one-time event? If so, how can it take place on a continuing basis? Explain how the use of the present participle in John 1:33 helps enforce that concept. What happens to us after we are baptized and experience the new birth? How is the Holy Spirit involved? What would your daily life be like if you had never accepted the Holy Spirit?
  3. Being Filled with the Holy Spirit. Before we can live in the power of the Spirit, what has to happen? Did God send enough of the Holy Spirit to you as a new believer to supply all of your needs for the rest of your life? If not, how often do you need to go back and refill your soul with the Holy Spirit?
  4. Conditions 1. What is the single most important condition you and I have to meet to receive the Holy Spirit in our lives? How do we qualify for meeting that condition? What does trusting the Lord have to do with receiving the Holy Spirit? True or False: The more you pray, the closer God comes to you. Is that statement true or false? What is a better way to explain the result of praying more, not less?
  5. Conditions 2. What does obedience have to do with receiving the Holy Spirit? Is obedience as a choice part of the act of receiving the Holy Spirit? What will impurity in our hearts do to the fire God has placed in our hearts? Why is self such a handicap in trying to make the Holy Spirit a part of our lives?
  6. Christ-centered living. Can we focus on Christ alone and in this way find the path to a Christ-centered life? If not, what is required? Is it important for us to make up our minds and determine in our hearts to follow Jesus? As you reflect on your own life, can you see evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in you? What are some examples that you can think of that point to a Spirit-led life?

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