8 The Holy Spirit and the Church – Discussion starters

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  1. The Holy Spirit Unites Us with Christ. How can the Holy Spirit make it possible for all of us to be united in Jesus? Can’t I just accept His offer of unconditional love on my own?  What does the Holy Spirit do for me at baptism? When as a converted sinner, I rise from the water at baptism, where is the Holy Spirit? How can I keep growing spiritually day after day after my baptism?
  2. The Holy Spirit Unites the Church Through the Word of God. Do we need the Bible to know Jesus and learn how to follow Him? Do you agree with the lesson’sauthor that memorizing Scripture is a reliable way to learn the will of God? What are some other benefits of committing Scriptural passages to memory? How does the Holy Spirit participate in our unconditional acceptance of God’s will in our lives?
  3. The Holy Spirit Unites the Church in Faith and Doctrine. Without the Holy Spirit, could you and I understand and accept the basic doctrines of the Bible as interpreted by and established within the Seventh-day Adventist church? Wouldn’t it be easier for each of us to work out our doctrinal belief system on our own? What is a better position to take within our church rather than worrying about what others do or think? Why? Are you always “in one accord” with the Holy Spirit in the church? If not, can the Holy Spirit lead us to harmony in diversity? Or is there such a thing?
  4. The Holy Spirit Unites the Church in Mission and Service. Was the rapid growth of the early Christian church due to (a) strong local leadership? (b) earnest study of God’s Word? (c) reliance on the Holy Spirit? (d) the lifelong ministry of Jesus? Explain your answer. How can the Holy Spirit be our strongest ally as we go forth to serve the needs of people around the world? As important as we believe unity to be, can the Holy Spirit lead us to follow practices that may allow for diversity in practice? If so, how can that be?
  5. More on Unity. What is the best indicator that God’s Spirit is a unifying force in our local or regional church organizations? Was the early church unified in its belief about circumcision? Share how you feel that the Holy Spirit led the church to agree on this issue without compromising on the Biblical principles pertaining to salvation.

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