The Work of the Holy Spirit – Discussion Starters

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  1. Concluding our Study on the Holy Spirit. Have you gained spiritual blessings from this quarter’s presentations on the Holy Spirit? Share some of these blessings with your class. What is the specific work of the Holy Spirit that we have not covered so far in this first quarter study? What special meaning does the word, parakletos, have for you in regard to the blessings of the Holy Spirit?
  2. Conviction of Sin. Have you ever been confronted by a church member eager to inform you that something you are doing or have done is wrong? What is wrong about telling others where they are falling short? In the eyes of God, how serious is judging another person? Instead of nominating ourselves to be prosecutors of the will of God, what is a more helpful role and how can the Holy Spirit help us in filling that role?
  3. The Need of Righteousness. If you don’t know what sin is, can you understand what righteousness is? What about you? Are you righteous enough today to be saved? What is the only source of true righteousness? What are the benefits of a life in Jesus? How does the Holy Spirit bring righteousness to sinful souls like you and I? Why can’t you and I just live a good life on our own?
  4. Conviction about Judgment. What, if anything, is wrong about warning others of the horrible judgment awaiting them if they don’t accept Jesus as Christ? Is there a better message we can share? Why does the defeated devil keep fighting the war against Jesus? Does the devil think maybe there’s another chance for him? Or does he have something else in mind? How can the Holy Spirit help you and me in the battle against the forces of evil in these last days so that the final judgment will be good news?
  5. The Assurance of Salvation. How does the Holy Spirit lead us to Jesus? How can our love for God and the assurance that we belong only to God be sealed in our hearts? What does it mean to be sealed by the Spirit? Can we persuade others to give their lives to Christ without having the assurance ourselves that we have been sealed by the Spirit?
  6. The Holy Spirit and Hope. What is the difference between hope and optimism?Between a hope and a wish? Seventh-day Adventists like to sing, “We have this hope.” What is the basis for our hope today? How can the horrible scenes of the crucifixion of Jesus bring us hope? What does the Holy Spirit do for us that gives us hope?

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