1. The Person of Peter – Discussion Starters

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  1. The Person of Peter. Would Peter be a well-liked member of your congregation? What kind of a character was he? How can his mistakes help you and me in our life’s struggles? Was Peter a born leader? Are you ready to walk with Peter for the next several weeks as we consider the path he left behind in the gospel story of the New Testament?
  2. Depart from Me! How did Peter respond when Jesus told the fishermen to put their fishing nets into the water after a night of unsuccessful fishing? Was his response closer to a shrug and a “whatever…” or a cheerful “Sure, since you said so I’ll do it”? From empty fishing boats to loads so heavy they threatened to sink them, how did Peter regard the miracle that took place? How did the lives of Peter and his fellow fishermen change after this experience?
  3. Confessing the Christ. How did “bold Peter” accept the prediction by Jesus that He would be killed at the hands of men? How did Peter’s strong belief about Jesus become worthy of the rebuke, “Get behind Me, Satan?” Were those harsh words really intended for Peter or was Jesus talking to Satan? What was the message Jesus wanted Peter to take from this encounter?
  4. Walking on Water. Imagine what a festive outdoor picnic that was with plenty of food for more than 5,000 people. After that miracle, back in a boat, what did Peter decide was the most important activity he could undertake in the turbulence of the wind and rain? How successful was Peter in having his request to walk on water honored? Wouldn’t you have become frightened in the rough water, too? Why did Jesus reach out and catch Peter physically to draw him back into the boat? Do you and I ever let fear get between us and Jesus?
  5. Denying His Lord. When you consider the story of how Peter vehemently denied that he even knew Jesus, are you tempted to congratulate yourself for not being guilty of that problem? In any way, do you and I, by our lives and conversation, compromise the fundamental beliefs of Scripture? How did Jesus’ forgiveness of Peter’s brash ways prepare him to be a valiant leader in God’s early Christian church? Can we have the same sense of love and grace?
  6. Peter as Church Leader. What are some of the ways that Peter served in a leadership capacity over the fledgling Christian church? Why do we consider “Peter, James, and John” to be the three pillars of the early church? How did Peter show a legalistic attitude towards Gentiles just coming into the church? Don’t you think it was logical for early Christians to give strong support to Jewish law and customs? How do modern Seventh-day Adventists too often give in to legalism today?
  7. Peter and us. Can you understand Peter? Do you see your own impulsiveness and sense of self-made worth as an obstacle to true repentance and closeness to your God and Creator? Have you ever failed in your business of reflecting God’s spirit of love and forgiveness? What can you do about that?

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