2 An Inheritance Incorruptible – Discussion starters

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  1. To the Exiles. What were Peter’s credentials for writing the two books in the New Testament that bear his name? Does Peter identify “exiles” as his primary audience as your lesson guide does? Scholars still debate whether Peter was writing to a Jewish or to a Gentile audience. What do you think? As a modern-day Christian, do you identify more as a Christian with a Jewish influence or as a Christian with a Gentile orientation? Why? What difference does it make?
  2. Elected. Peter boldly addresses the “elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father.” (1 Peter 1:2). Does that sound to you like a proclamation of predestination? How many were chosen to be saved to eternal life at the beginning of earth’s history? Does that number include you? What about your neighbor who smokes and drinks and raises quite a ruckus in your neighborhood? Was he selected to enjoy eternal life with Jesus?
  3. A suffering congregation. What were members of Peter’s audience suffering from at that time? Why is the resurrection of Jesus the Christian’s primary hope? Do you believe that Christ has prepared a special place in heaven just for you? Do you ever suffer from criticism or scoffing because of your religious beliefs?
  4. Living the Life. Have you ever met a person who didn’t accept Christian principles even though he or she claimed to be a follower of Christ? How should we relate to person like that? How does God’s character serve to motivate us in our daily life? Has anyone ever asked you why you are a Christian? If so, what did you say? If not, what can you do that will encourage someone to ask you that question?
  5. Love one another. What does it mean “to obey the truth”? Can a Christian purify his or her own soul? How? How important is love in the Christian life? Explain how the following words express different aspects of love: philia, eros, agape. Which of these is the most fundamental to the Christian walk? Why? If we accept God’s love for us, will we be able to share full friendship with fellow Christians? Even with church members who don’t take their religion as seriously as we do? How can we do that?

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