3 A Royal Priesthood – Discussion Starters

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  1. Royal Priesthood. Do you cringe from Peter’s using language appropriate for the Jewish people of the Old Testament and applying it to us today? Are you proud to be a “Gentile believer in Jesus”? Or do you think of yourself as a person with a Jewish theological background who has accepted Jesus as Saviour? What key responsibility do you and I as Christians today share with the people of ancient Israel?
  2. Living as a Christian. What are some of the negative traits that we, as Christians, should discard? What should take the place of insincerity in our lives? When God helps us overcome the sin of envy, how do we think of people we know who have greater possessions or talents than we do? How can the Word of God direct us to spiritual growth? What does the Bible do to help us overcome selfishness and other bad attitudes?
  3. The Living Stone.  Do you happen to know anyone who lives his or her Christian life in isolation? What important roles does the cornerstone play in major construction? What kind of a structure would we have if the cornerstone had a mind of its own and refused to cooperate or work with other elements of the building? Is it ever hard for you to understand Old Testament rituals? How can a firm understanding of the temple and its services from ancient times give us a stronger foundation for our involvement in the church today?
  4. God’s Covenant People.  We hear all the time about nations and organizations that break their agreements with other key entities in the world. Do these actions always lead to trouble? Why or why not? Do we ever neglect the promises and covenants we have made with God? What if any are the primary covenants that God has established with His end-time people? Can we expect a covenant by God to be fulfilled if we put it to one side and ignore its requirements on us?
  5. Proclaiming the Praises.  What did God want more than anything else for His people in His Old Testament church? Do you ever think of the Jewish nation as being called to be missionaries to the whole world? What about us today? What is the most fundamental aspect of Christianity that we should be promoting? How can we as God’s

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