5: Living for God – Discussion Starters

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  1. Being of “One Mind.” Wouldn’t it be great if we all had the same opinions, the same talents, the same outlook on life and all of its components? “No!” You are probably saying, “That would be boring, useless, and just plain awful.” Of course Peter didn’t advocate deadly uniformity, but what was he talking about when told us to “be of one mind?” Did you have at least one opportunity within the past few days to sympathize, rejoice or share Christian love with someone? Do you thank God for a tender heart and unity with Jesus? What about unity with fellow believers?
  2. To Suffer in the Flesh.  How does the rite of baptism by immersion demonstrate suffering in the flesh? Peter says that baptism saves us (I Peter 3:21). In what way? What is the Christian’s reward for continual crucifixion of our sinful selves? Is that process painful? In what way? Hasn’t Jesus always had the power of divinity? If so, why did He suffer the consequences of sin? Can we experience joy from dying to sin? Explain.
  3. Born Again. Has anyone ever asked if you are you a born-again Christian? How do you answer this question? Is there another kind of Christian? Think about the time when you gave yourself without reservation to Jesus. From that point on, did family and friends see a difference in your behavior? By living close to Jesus, do we exhibit traits not seen outside that relationship? Is living a born-again lifestyle as good as, or even better than, rousing sermons in reaching others with the gospel message?
  4. Sins of the Flesh. Do the “sins of the flesh” Peter mentions in 1 Peter 4:3 include every example of wrong that we can harbor and demonstrate? Who invented sex? Was the only purpose of sex, as created by God, to help us build families and thus populate the world? What else did God have in mind? Why did the devil seize upon sex as an ideal way to pervert God’s plan for us? Did it work? Rather than seeing sex as a “sin of the flesh,” what are some more constructive ways Peter might suggest to help us view sex in our lives as Christians?
  5. Love Covers All.  Why did Peter have tell his readers that the end of this sinful world “is at hand” and warning us that we need to get busy or we won’t be ready when that happens? How many years have gone by since Peter said that? He’s another, perhaps more startling, way of asking the same question, “How much longer do you or I have to live a life dedicated to Christian principles?” If the overriding principle that “covers it all” is love, how can you and I find ways to be sure that love indeed does cover everything that happens in our lives?

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