Comment on Wednesday: Clothes with Humility by Maurice Ashton

Those of us who claim to be Christians would do well to think seriously about humility, especially when it comes to understanding salvation. I recently read an article on how un-churched people see us. Over and over, there were comments written by un-churched folk about how arrogant Christians are. Here are some examples:

1) You think you are the only moral people in the world.

2) Why have you always got to express your opinion so stridently, yet you refuse to listen to us when we offer our opinion

3) Christians act as though they are in an exclusive club.

I could go on, and to be fair the criticism is not true of all Christians. However the article said that the overall impression that many unchurched folk felt about Christians was one of arrogance. “We have the truth. Everyone else is wrong!”

I learned a lesson early on in my teaching career. I started out thinking that being a teacher meant telling the students the things that they needed to learn and they would listen to what I had to say because I had qualifications that meant I knew what I was talking about. It took me just a little too long to learn that that was not what teaching was about. Students did not need to know the answers. They needed to learn how to find the answers.

Once I discovered that, I changed my teaching tactics completely. Instead of acting like the fount of all knowledge, I started acting like a student – a fellow learner. I learned to make mistakes when problem solving with my class because it was important to detect when we make mistakes and back-track through the problem to find the source of the error. I was modelling the role of a learner – something which my students understood.

We fulfill the role of spreading the Gospel, not by preaching that we know it all, but by living it, as fellow learners with our un-churched friends. That may just be the humility we need to learn.


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons