Comment on Monday: The Elders by Bulumko V. Msengana Dr

Christ came into this world as God’s servant (Isaiah 42:1, Isaiah 52:13) and He taught all His followers to be servants in every aspect of their lives. Our Lord called upon us to be servants of others. He gave a very practical example of what it means to serve others when He washed the feet of His followers (John 13: 1 – 17). Moreover, the Bible affirms servant leadership as the model for church administration. A Christ-centred leadership is one that’s not based on either acquired or inherent authority. A servant leader follows Jesus rather than focus on exercising power. As a leader in the local church an elder is principally a spiritual person who provides spiritual leadership to the congregation. The elder gives of him or herself in selfless service in orde to better meet the needs of others as he/she serves as an under shepherd.


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons