Comment on Thursday: Like a Roaring Lion by Maurice Ashton

Peter appropriately uses the metaphor of the lion to represent the efforts of Satan. We need to know the Satan is on the rampage to fill us with fear and doubt. However there is another side to lion behaviour that is also applicable in this case. First of all, let me tell you a closer to home experience.

We don’t have lions in Australia, but we have domestic cats. You know those cute furry animals that purr and rub up against your legs and make you feel that you have just met the most wonderful affirming animal in the world. As some of you know, I am a bird photographer. I spend a lot of time in the bush sitting and waiting to photograph birds. The other day I was out in the bush when I came across a cat I have nicknamed “Pirate Pete”, because half his face is white and the other half black. Pirate Pete is a domestic cat complete with a collar and a little tinkling bell that is supposed to warn birds that he is on the prowl. But Pirate Pete wasn’t prowling. He was lurking, in the grass, still and silent. Not even his tail was moving. And his bell wasn’t tinkling. Birds had no idea he was there. I pulled Pirate Pete out of his hidy-hole and gave him a push in a direction of his home. He sulked off. Two hours later I passed the same spot and Pirate Pete was back there, lurking.

Domestic cats are such a significant danger to Australian native birds that there is a real campaign on to reduce their numbers and to ensure that they are not allowed out at night, their favourite hunting time. They are enormously successful hunters, and are bringing some species of bird to the point where they are listed as endangered.

If you know anything about lions, you will know that lions hunt the same way. They are lurkers hiding in the grass and they wait patiently to catch their prey. And if they don’t catch it one day they persist day after day until they do.

I am sure that I don’t need to spell out the parallels between my feline observations and the wiles of Satan. But we need to know that Satan is more likely to catch us by stealth than by roaring.


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons