Comment on Am I a Legalist if I Obey Jesus? by Bill P

I see my need for God through relating His love to others. When confronted with a person on the street asking for money and when at times I comply, they say “God bless you”. If there was just one thing I could say that would change their lives I would. So I say “you too” and go on my way. Recently my brother passed away, he was only 44. I know about his struggles because we were friends most of the time. In the end he couldn’t pray for himself, so I prayed with him. I mean in his heat he loved Jesus and He understood fully God’s sacrifice and I don’t know about his inner prayers and request to God but I do know He wanted more time, more time to serve God and be the man in his heart he wanted to be. It’s only been three weeks or so since he died, I find the best comfort for the sadness is spending time in my bible.


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons