Comment on Monday: The Passion of Christ by Don Litchfield

To follow Christ’s example we must be motivated by the same Love He was motivated by. For this to happen we must choose to allow the Holy Spirit to motivate us like He motivated Jesus and the Father–with Love. Love is the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit.

Last quarter, we studied that the things of the mind of The Father are brought to our mind by the Holy Spirit as He did for the only begotten human Son of God, Jesus. If we choose to let our will be motivated by the Love of God by consenting to allow the Holy Spirit to motivate our thoughts and feelings we can have the motivation that Jesus had to keep Him from sin.

This is simply the way for us to follow the example of Jesus. A child can do it. What is stopping us from walking forward in the footsteps of Jesus to be like Him? We haven’t made the choice to allow the Holy Spirit to motivate our will and be in charge of our thoughts and feelings NOW.


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons