Comment on Tuesday: The Resurrection of Jesus by Renford Mweemba

The resurrection is so important to our faith. What would have been the point of Christ, suffering for you and me and then die eternally? Where could have been the fruits of His labour- in vain!
Christ came to bring life eternal to us who had no hope beyond the grave. As followers of Christ, this is not our home, the pain, suffering even death we face today are just for a moment. There is a better life on the other side. This should give us hope and courage to endure all trials, temptations, persecution for His name’s sake even death in this life. When we die in Him we do know that our live are actually hid in Him and when He comes, we will be raised and live with Him eternally.
So it would be useless to suffer and even die for Christ’s sake and rise no more. Our faith and hope and our suffering for Him will have no value.So His resurrection forms a base for us at the end of the age.


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons