8: Jesus in the Writings of Peter – Discussion starters

  1. Peter’s Love for Jesus. No doubt you remember reading in the Bible the story of Peter’s reprehensible attitude when he spat out the words (NIV), “I don’t know Him,” and, a little later when he grumped, “Man, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” in reference to his association with Jesus. Now, centuries later, we remember Peter for his self-consuming love of Jesus and his steadfast support for the Christ he loved supremely. How can the story of Peter give us courage?
  2. Jesus, our Sacrifice. If not the blood of the sacrificial lamb, where does the blood that saves us from our sins come from? Why was the actual slaying of the lamb important in the sanctuary services of the Old Testament? Without observing the sacrificial offering of a lamb without blemish, how can modern-day Christians comprehend the significance of Christ’s death on our behalf? What did Peter preach is the ultimate cost of redeeming us?
  3. The Passion of Christ. True or False: Throughout His earthly life, Jesus clung to the promise of His eternal acceptance by God, and this protected Him from suffering and shame. Discuss. True or False: Jesus believed that as the sinner’s substitute, He would incur the eternal wrath of God. Discuss. True or False: Jesus could not see beyond the tomb and did not know that His separation from God was temporary. Discuss.
  4. The Resurrection of Jesus. What did Peter mean by calling the hope we have in Jesus a “living hope”? What are some fundamental differences between Christ’s death and the deaths of the rest of us? Can you and I obtain comfort from the Bible-based belief that death is a state of unconsciousness and not an immediate passage to another life? Does our faith in Jesus depend on the hope we derive from understanding Christ’s resurrection? If so, how?
  5. Jesus the Messiah. Jesus received a variety of answers to His question, “Who do men say that I am?” What did Peter say? Right or wrong: Jesus was so pleased by Peter’s response that He immediately put him in charge of the church and named him as the first pope. Do you think that’s what happened? If it wasn’t Peter, what was the “rock” Jesus said would be the foundation for His church?
  6. Jesus the Divine Messiah. How was it that Peter was one of the first to understand that Jesus was not only holy and just but that He was God? How does Jesus’ relationship with God the Father affect our standing before God? Your lesson points out that the concepts of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are embedded in our church’s belief in the Trinity. How does the concept of one God manifested through three identities strengthen your spiritual life?

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons