Singing with Inspiration – Lesson 8

The whole of this week’s lesson study brings out the beautiful Hymn 489, (or tune in 490), “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” as the basis of the study time.

“The overarching theme” in the Bible reveals the work of God in Hymn 373, “Seeking The Lost”. Sunday’s study paints this picture clearly for us, and also gives us the reminder in Hymn 507, “Moment By Moment”.

The cross is the symbol used in Monday’s study with Hymn 312, “Near the Cross” being the hymn that encompasses much of this study. Another hymn that tells this story is Hymn 307, “I Am Coming to the Cross”.

We are not left to gaze at the cross with Jesus Christ left there, as Tuesday then echoes the hope we have with Jesus rising from the dead. Hymn 166, “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”, as does Hymn 214, “We Have This Hope”. The quote from Sister Ellen White then reminds us of Hymn 21, “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise”.

Wednesday’s lesson study has the theme of Handel’s, The Messiah. But, our hymnal has some significant hymns that portray the crucifixion of Our Lord, as in Hymn 158, “Were You There?”  or Hymn 164, “There Is a Green Hill Far Away”.

Hymn 73 “Holy, Holy, Holy” ties in with the doctrine of the Trinity as one of our Seventh-day Adventist 28 fundamental beliefs as stated in Thursday’s lesson study.

With the wonderful study we have had this week on our Lord Jesus Christ, The Messiah, our Saviour, Anointed One, then Hymn 152, “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” will have us echoing everyday that we still wish to keep hearing the beautiful story of Jesus to remind us of this precious love given so freely to each person. May we share this story of Jesus with those who live and work around us.


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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons