Comment on Friday: Further Thought – Jesus in the Writings of Peter by JC Zielak

There is nothing I can say that may describe something that I feel! I can try to do it in words, but my experience is mine! If my relationship is such a personal one, I can only try to tell what I have. But telling and feeling are different things. I need to feel Jesus myself. What He has done for me has to be a real experience. If it is not real, if my relationship with Him is based on what I read or hear about Him, that’s not real! It is an illusion! I need to feel Jesus… Once christians do not realize this, their experience with Christ is null! Christ is real to me only when I bring Him to my personal life! He may even act protecting me although I only see Him as a distant character. But He becomes real when I invite Him to be part of my present!


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons