Comment on Sabbath: Be Who You Are by Losia Mesa

It is very interesting in the way the writer (Peter) structured his message: leading the reader from point to point. I believe that Peter is trying to lead the reader to understand Jesus step by step showing from his very own experience. He is one Disciple very close to Jesus; one who denied Jesus to the point he publicly denied Him, “I do not know Him!” He thought about everything, saw everything, felt everything in the way Peter was to Jesus. There, on the blood stained cross hung his Master, Teacher, and Christ the Messiah. Peter stood a long way from Him who had said to him, “On this stone I build My Church.” We can only imagine what Peter might have felt, but deep down Peter was so regretful and broken; and when he had gone to the tomb to see it empty, he became agitated and nervous that he inquired where his Master’s body had been taken. Until, and only until the Savior appeared mysteriously to them in the locked room that he believed in the Living Savior. Peter gave up himself for the Master. In few short letters Peter gave the strong and deep messages before his crucifixion upside down in Rome for us to the end times. I never was serious in those letters until this quarters Lesson Study. It is true Peter leads the reader step by step closer to Jesus. It is very important for us today when this world is in confusion.


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons