Comment on What I Hate About Memorizing Scripture by Maurice Ashton

I enjoyed reading your Marcos. It reflects a lot of my own use of scripture. I grew up in the era of doctrinal texts and quarterly doctrinal text exams. And having a father who could quote just about the whole Bible, made it mandatory that I follow suit. Even when I went to College, Bible subjects typically had a question that required rote-learning of a large chunk of scripture.

Now-a-days these texts and passages come to mind but the references are lost somewhere in the mists of time. Fortunately on-line Bibles, complete with search engines have come to rescue and I can find my texts more quickly than most people can look them up in a paper Bible even when they know the reference. Interestingly I always use the KJV for my searches, because that is what I learned, then I can switch to any of about 37 (Last count – they keep adding more) translations, to read it in a more modern, but less memorable, English.

The other change I have noticed in my Bible study style now is that I am much more inclined to find a text of interest, then read the whole chapter and sometimes the book, to get the context.

Young people today tend to learn less by rote, and I can understand that. They are much more adept at using search engines to find what they need. We need to teach them though, that the search engine is only the beginning of the journey.

“O taste and see that the Lord is good!” Go on; find the reference, or explore the meaning!


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons