Comment on Thursday: Jesus, the Divine Messiah by Paul Blanke

The original subject was Jesus the Divine Messiah. In spite of all of the different opinions and comments, the lesson gives their opinion regarding what Peter understood about the text Matt 16:16. I agree with that opinion. Read Luke 7:18 -20. None of the disciples understood. The argument over which of the Disciples was the most favored of Jesus. The mother of James and John asking Jesus to be on either side in the Kingdom as they perceived. Acts 1:6 is another example of their disbelief. The comment from the lesson is Wednesdays lesson, bottom paragraph. Was Jesus ever not Divine or the Messiah? The characteristics of Peter that we know are, bold, brash, impetuous, and outspoken, Spoke before giving careful thought to his words. He made promises he couldn’t keep and ended up denying his Lord. Peter repented and sought a new experience with Christ. We may look for glimpses of the old Peter when His epistle was written. Especially as a prominent leader of the early church. By sheer numbers, the Apostle Paul has more contributions than the entire new Testament.


Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons