10: Prophecy and Scripture – Discussion starters

  1. Confidence personified. Is there anything at all about Peter speaking as a wholehearted disciple of Jesus that reminds us of Peter the indecisive one? If you said “No!” in a resounding way, how can you and I adopt his certainty in these troubled times? How can the “cunningly devised fables” that appeal to vast numbers of worldlings on this planet be dismissed from our thoughts? And how can we help lead others away from false and misleading concepts?
  2. Jesus in the Old Testament. Can you remember a time in your spiritual growth when you simply couldn’t accept Jesus except as He was revealed in the New Testament? If so, what happened to show you Jesus in the Old Testament? What are the two “strands” that brought hope to the Hebrews of old as they longed to know the glory of God? Read 1 Peter 1:12.  How could it be that the angels wanted to know more about Jesus?
  3. Eyewitnesses of majesty.  In what ways was the transfiguration of Jesus the most outstanding event in Peter’s life? Can you and I imagine even a portion of what it must have been like to see Moses and Elijah standing next to Jesus in this supernatural appearance? What are the most important teachings revealed in this event? How do you think the Second Coming of Jesus will be like–or different from–the transfiguration?
  4. The morning star in our hearts. In 2 Peter 1:19, Peter is telling us something important about Jesus. What is it? Can you and I, living in this dark and dirty world, experience Jesus as a bright morning star in our lives? How can we best accomplish that? Should we attempt to preserve, maintain, and protect the light from that star? Or should we spare nothing to let it shine?
  5. The more sure word of prophecy.  What do you anticipate in the careful study of the prophecies in the Bible–contradiction or affirmation? If a prophecy is an explanation of things we otherwise would not know, how can we be sure of its validity? If someone in your local church decides it’s time to tell the rest of the congregation what God has revealed to him or her, what should you do as a member of God’s special fellowship? Are you sure?

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons