Singing with Inspiration – Lesson 10

Sabbath afternoon’s introduction to our studies for the week made a strong and wise statement followed by a question: “So if Jesus and Peter took the Bible seriously, how dare we do otherwise ourselves?” Peter was sure of what he believed in and he would have had pleasure in singing:
Hymn 511, “I Know Whom I Have Believed”.

Sunday’s lesson says the Holy Scriptures of old enabled Peter to write “with a sense of certainty”. “He knows that Jesus was the One to whom the Old Testament prophets pointed”. In Thursday’s lesson we are again shown that Peter placed great emphasis on the Holy Scriptures 2 Peter 1:19-21. Many hymns are written about this topic:
Hymn 272 “Give Me The Bible”;
Hymn 593 “In Times Like These you need the Bible”;
Hymn 273, “Lord, I Have Made Thy Word My Choice”;
Hymn 274, “O Word of God Incarnate”; and
Hymn 286, “286 Wonderful Words of Life”

to name just a few. Once again the Sunday lesson time brings out the many beautiful songs from Handel’s The Messiah, so if you are blessed with soloists, and/or a choir, or recordings to use, these are appropriate for the Bible text of Isaiah 53:1-12 that is read during the study on this day.

Peter then shows the Old Testament predictions of our Lord Jesus.
Hymn 413, “God Has Spoken by His Prophets”;
Hymn 596 “Look for the Waymarks”;
and Hymn 604, “We Know Not the Hour”
add to the Bible conviction.

Tuesday Peter had learned from his Lord, and knew Jesus so well. These hymns will echo Peter’s sentiments:
Hymn 245 “More About Jesus”;
Hymn 327 “I’d Rather Have Jesus”;
Hymn 184 “Jesus Paid It All”.

To close the Sabbath School time,
Hymn 248, “O, How I Love Jesus”
may be the hymn that will seal your love relationship with Jesus Christ.

Blessings to you all.


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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons