Singing with Inspiration – Lesson 12

“The Bible is clear that such a judgment will come” says our introduction to the lesson study for the week: Hymn 416, “The Judgment Has Set”, and there is to be a second coming of Jesus (again in Wednesday’s study) as in Hymn 213, “Jesus Is Coming Again”.

We are encouraged in Sundays’ lesson that we have a sure word of prophecy for which we can be thankful: Hymn 277, “For Your Holy Book We Thank You”.

Peter predicted that we would face scoffers in the last days (Monday’s lesson) with this happening so frequently now, it is showing “’Tis Almost Time for the Lord to Come” – Hymn 212.

Be vigilant as you do not know the hour of the coming of Jesus, is the flavour of the study on Tuesday which prompted thoughts of Hymn 604, “We Know Not the Hour”.

A Final Appeal (Thursday) requests that we be like Jesus – living a Holy Life – Hymn 311, “I Would Be Like Jesus”. One of the last texts for the weeks’ study (Romans 3:21,22) reminds us of one of our strong Seventh-day Adventist beliefs of righteousness by faith with a number of hymns singing of this strong foundation of our church:  Hymn 517, “My Faith Looks Up to Thee”, or Hymn 523, “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place” to name just two.

May we all meet in Heaven very soon to sing praises to our Lord for His unfailing goodness to us.


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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons