8: From Slaves to Heirs – Discussion Starters

  1. From slaves to heirs. Read the short description at the beginning of the lesson and consider how Martin Luther learned to understand Galatians and obtain from this book the hope he craved for his own soul. How can you and I obtain the same blessing from studying this book?
  2. Our condition in Christ. Once we are filled with faith, does our standing with God change? If so, in what way? Can we be a son of God even if we’re female? Explain. What is the main benefit of obtaining the special inheritance God has promised to those who have chosen to be one with Him? What role does the rite of baptism play in establishing this relationship? What inheritance to we receive when we accept Christ as our savior? 
  3. Enslaved to elementary principles.  In the opening verses of Galatians 4, Paul’s use of the terms, “elementary principles” or “elements of the world.” has raised questions among Bible scholars. Your lesson gives the following possibilities as Paul’s meaning for these terms: (1) the basic elements that compose the universe; (2) demonic powers controlling this evil age; (3) basic principles of the Christian life. Which fits best and why?
  4. “God sent forth His Son.” Was the coming of Jesus timed to coincide with the status of human history? Explain. How was God involved in the decision that Jesus should come to earth as a baby? Or was it totally a decision by Jesus? How would you explain to a friend with doubts about the divinity of Christ the importance of Jesus as a member of the Godhead? The “fall of Adam” was loaded with shame and punishment. Can we ever recover? 
  5. The privileges of adoption. Your lesson lists six privileges we receive when we are adopted by an earthly parent. How do they compare with being a child of God through holy adoption? Is it appropriate for us to use the word “Abba” in our private conversations with God? If so, why?
  6. Why turn back to slavery? Holy and beautiful as our relationship with God can be, why do we slide and fall, even to the point of turning away from Him? How can people take the words of Galatians 4:10 to refer to the seventh day, Sabbath? Is the Sabbath a sign of our lost freedom? Even though following all of the teachings of God to the best of our ability, it is possible to turn away because we don’t feel we are capable of complete obedience? How should we deal with such feelings? 

Note: The questions and comments in this presentation of the Sabbath school lesson are offered to help the Sabbath school class teacher ask questions that stimulate discussion. JG (Joyce Griffith), the author of these discussion starters, supports small-group discussion as the best way to explore God’s word and make it meaningful to everyday life. Send your suggestions for questions to include in future lessons to JG at hodicome@gmail.com.




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