Singing with Inspiration – 8: From Slaves to Heirs

The title of this weeks’ lesson study, along with the Memory Text: Galations 4:7, give us our first hymn for this week, Hymn 594, “Heir of the Kingdom”.

As we study further into the week, Hymn 568, “Make Me a Captive, Lord, and then I shall be free” is a theme that keeps coming back to us.

We unite ourselves with Christ by baptism in Sunday’s lesson: Hymn 258, “Baptize Us Anew” bringing us back to our first hymn in being “joint-heirs with Christ” in Romans 8:17.

Tuesday’s title and the primary Bible text of Galatians 4:4 will have us singing Hymn 526: “Because He Lives”.

Once again we have a favourite hymn of this quarter’s lessons come into our study. On Wednesday there are multiple verses reminding us of Hymn 337 (or 338), “Redeemed!”

As Friday wraps up the lesson study with us all being “adopted as children of God through Christ Jesus”, may you relish the singing of Hymn 650, “Our Father, by Whose Name”.

Blessings to you all


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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons