13: The Gospel and the Church – Discussion Starters

  1. Let us do good to everyone. Was Paul grinning or was there a tear in his eyes when he wrote these words: “But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another!” Galatians 5:15. Have you ever been attacked by a member of your church? Instead of that, have you ever made an innocent suggestion without rancor only to be accused of acting in a belligerent way? If every member in your church sincerely wanted only what is best for every other member, would there be a major difference in your church?
  2. Restoring the fallen. Have you ever been accused by a fellow church member of doing wrong? How did you respond? Why did you react in that way? Can you remember the last time you stumbled or fell while walking the Christian way? Did you feel accused by others because of your bad choice? How should we treat fellow members who make mistakes or take a false step but have not abandoned their love for Jesus or their loyalty to His church?
  3. Beware of temptation. What defense does Paul offer to the believer who falls into temptation? Do you think it is possible to avoid being tempted? Why or why not? Does it make you feel good when you turn away from temptation and refuse to sin? Should it? What is “spiritual pride” and what makes it so dangerous? All have fallen, that we know. What should be our attitude towards those around us who stumble and fall? Do you ever feel good when you see someone falling for a sin that used to draw you to it but doesn’t any more? What is the danger of that kind of attitude?
  4. Burden bearing. Your lesson observes that Christians have burdens. As a Christian, do you accept that? Or is your life in Christ a one joyful experience after another with never a burden to carry? Why doesn’t Christ expect us to bear all of our burdens alone as He did? Or did He? What good does it to you and me to spend time, energy, and other resources helping others? How did Titus help to illustrate the bearing of the burdens of others? 
  5. The law of Christ. Were you surprised by the use of the phrase, “the law of Christ” in our lesson this week? What is the meaning of that expression? Was the moral law fulfilled and thus made unnecessary by the coming of Christ? What does the expression “fulfilling the law of God” have to do with God’s love for us? Do you ever face a burden that no other human being can help you carry? What is the solution for problems like that?
  6. Sowing and reaping. “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked.” But do people mock God? How might we as Christians resort to mocking God? Would you plant radish seeds and expect to find corn sprouts? Does your answer explain what God sees when we carry out His will? “Let us do good to all people,” Paul states and then adds, “especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10. Are there people in your church fellowship who need a special boost of love and good deeds? 

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons