The Human Condition -Teaching Plan

Key Thought: We all are sinners and Jesus died to save us all. 

Lesson 3 for October 21, 2017 [With thanks to Michael Fracker for modeling this format. Michael is planning to submit lesson plans again beginning in November.

  1. Have a volunteer read Romans 1:16-17.

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Image © Pacific Press from

A. Ask what the main idea is of this passage.

B. What is the gospel?

C. Personal Application: How does one live by faith? How does that make you just? 

D. Case Study: Your cousin tells you he does not need to overcome his drug habit, because the just shall live by faith. How do you answer your cousin? 

2. Have a Volunteer read Romans 1:22-32

A. Ask what the main point of the passage is.

B. Who is the passage describing? Unbelievers? Everyone? 

C. Personal Application: If this passage were to describe you, why would you deserve death?

D. Case Study: A teenage girl in your Pathfinder club confides in you that she is attracted to the same sex. She says she was born this way. What do you tell her?

3. Have a Volunteer read Romans 2:1-4

A. Ask what the key thought is in this passage.

B. How does this passage help answer our earlier question about who was described in Romans 1:22-32?

C. Personal Application: How does God’s goodness lead us to repentance? Why doesn’t our repentance lead to God’s goodness? 

D. Case Study: A while back a lady you work with at the community service center told you she thinks the community service leader is sleeping around. This week she tells you she thinks an elder in the church is sleeping around. What does this passage tell you about this lady? How do you answer her suspicions? 

4. Have a volunteer read Romans 3:23-24

A. Ask what the main idea of this passage is.

B. Does it make any difference how we have all sinned?

C. Personal Application: Is this passage saying all those who have sinned have been justified? Why or why not?

D. Case Study: Your neighbor is sitting with you on your front porch, when he tells you that he wants to become a Christian but he has too many bad habits right now. What do you tell your neighbor? Do you have a gospel presentation you can share?

(Truth that is not lived, that is not imparted, loses its life-giving power, its healing virtue. Its blessings can be retained only as it is shared.”Ministry of Healing, p. 148).


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