Sunday: Justified by Faith

Read Romans 5:1-5. On the lines below summarize Paul’s message. What can you take from that for yourself now?

“Being justified” is literally “having been justified.” The Greek verb represents the action as being completed.

Joy in the Lord

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We have been declared righteous, or regarded as righteous, not through any deeds of law but through our having accepted Jesus Christ. The perfect life that Jesus lived on this earth, His perfect law-keeping, has been credited to us.

At the same time, all of our sins have been laid on Jesus. God has reckoned that Jesus committed those sins, not us, and that way we can be spared the punishment that we deserve. That punishment fell on Christ for us, in behalf of us, so that we never have to face it ourselves. What more glorious news could there be for the sinner?

The Greek word translated as “glory” in Romans 5:3 is the one translated as “rejoice” in Romans 5:2. If it is translated “rejoice” inRomans 5:3 also (as in some versions), the connection between Romans 5:2 and Romans 5:3 is more clearly seen. Justified people can rejoice in tribulation because they have fixed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. They have confidence that God will work all things for good. They will consider it an honor to suffer for Christ’s sake. (See 1 Pet. 4:13).

Notice, too, the progression in Romans 5:3-5.

  1. Patience. The Greek word thus translated as hupomone means “steadfast endurance.” This is the type of endurance that tribulation develops in the one who maintains faith and who does not lose sight of the hope he or she has in Christ, even amid the trials and suffering that can make life so miserable at times.
  2. Experience. The Greek word thus translated as dokime means literally “the quality of being approved”; hence, “character,” or more specifically, “approved character.” The one who patiently endures trials can develop an approved character.
  3. Hope. Endurance and approval naturally give rise to hope-the hope found in Jesus and the promise of salvation in Him. As long as we cling to Jesus in faith, repentance, and obedience, we have everything to hope for.


What is the one thing in all your life that you hope for more than anything else? How can that hope be fulfilled in Jesus? Or can it? If not, are you sure you want to be putting so much hope in it?

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons