9: No Condemnation – Discussion Starters

  1. No condemnation. After last week’s lesson on Romans 7 about how wretched Paul felt his sinful life to be, what has changed with the new chapter? Do you agree that Romans 8 is refreshing and reviving? By contrast, what will Romans 7 do to us if we stumble from a full commitment to Jesus Christ? How did Jesus give us victory over sin? 
  2. In Jesus Christ. Explain what Paul means by stating there is “no condemnation” to those who believe in Jesus Christ. Is that the same as saying, “Once we accept Jesus as our Saviour, we can no longer be condemned by sin? What is the opposite of “being in Christ”? How does Jesus change His relationship with us when we surrender to Him? Or does He? Is it hard for us to believe that we can stand perfect in the sight of God as if we had never sinned?  
  3. What the law could not do. The law of God is holy and pure, but it cannot save us. Is that right? If I can keep all the commands of God and still be lost, what good are those commands? Will there be people failing to win salvation who have lived a sinless life? How can you and I keep from walking according to the flesh but instead walk according to the Spirit?  Are you a “good” law keeper? Are you happy with the way you represent Jesus to those around you? Do you ever find yourself making excuses for wrong choices you make? 
  4. The flesh or the spirit. Are all “things of the flesh” wrong? Can a resolve to satisfy fleshly desire at whatever it may cost lead us to open rebellion with God? What (or Who) is the only solution to sin in our lives? How did Paul answer those who couldn’t understand why the Old Testament Torah wasn’t enough to assure their salvation? Do we ever face the temptation as modern Christians to let ourselves lapse into doing whatever we wish to do instead of obeying God’s commands? 
  5. Christ in you. Is it true that those three words (“Christ in you”) come across as a joyful anthem to life as a Christian believer? How important is it to live a life totally controlled by the Spirit of Christ? Once you or I decide that is what we want, we can rejoice in freedom forever from the struggle against sin. Is that true? The lesson says, “Even after the old man of sin is destroyed, it still is possible to sin.” How does that affect you as you walk with Jesus?
  6. The Spirit of Adoption. How is the standing of the sinner who accepts Jesus Christ different from that of the one who remains committed to his own feelings about what is the right way for him to go? Imagine the difference between a servant and a son. What does Romans 8:17 assure us of through eternity if we suffer for God and accept His adoption of us as His children? 

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons