Singing with Inspiration: Lesson 10 – Children of the Promise

Welcome to Singing with Inspiration for another week.

Sunday’s lesson study shows us that “God needed a missionary people to evangelise a world steeped in paganism, darkness, and idolatry.
Hymn 365, “O Zion, Haste” shows us this also.

Hymn 607, “God of Grace and God of Glory”,
Hymn 108, “Amazing Grace” and
Hymn 109, “Marvellous Grace” are shown with the mercy God extends to all in Monday’s study, as do
Hymn 110, “God’s Free Mercy Streameth” and
Hymn 521, “Depth of Mercy”, culminating in
Hymn 340, “Jesus Saves” as “He desires all men to be saved.”

Salvation is shown in Tuesday’s study:
Hymn 339, “God Is My Strong Salvation”, and
Hymn 646, “To the Name That Brings Salvation”.

Maybe in your congregation you have a soloist who is able to render an item of the old spiritual song, “Let My People Go” as this is also the flavour for Wednesday’s lesson study. Revelation 14:6 then encourages us to sing:
Hymn 202, “Hail Him the King of Glory”

Thursday’s lesson closes with:
Hymn 531, “We’ll Build on the Rock”.


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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons