11 The Elect – Discussion Starters

  1. Christ and the Law. Do Christians ever assume that their good lifestyle choices and their determination to keep all of the commandments of God can earn them a place in heaven? What is the “surest” way to obtain righteousness? Was there or was there not a “true way of righteousness” before the Messiah? If the law of God doesn’t save us, what role, if any, does it play in our salvation? 
  2. The Election of Grace. Paul states in Romans 11 that there is a re
    Image © Pacific Press from GoodSalt.com

    Image © Pacific Press from GoodSalt.com

    mnant. What is the primary qualification to be a member of that special group? Why did Jesus set up barriers to prevent Jews who were blind from seeing the light of salvation? Or did He? Didn’t the Jews who rejected Jesus choose not to accept the invitation of grace? What is so wrong about assuming that God rejects groups such as Jewish people from the gospel message? 

  3. The Natural Branch. In Romans 11:11-15 does Paul acknowledge the casting away of God’s people? What hope does he hold out for Israelites going through such a time? In his parable of the olive tree, what is Paul saying to us today about equality before the cross? What is dangerous about the belief that once you’ve made a commitment to Jesus, you’ll never fall away? What is so deadly about the idea that God rejects groups of people from the plan of salvation. Do members of the Jewish faith deserve our love and invitation to salvation today?
  4. All Israel Shall be Saved. Look at the title for this part of the discussion (“All Israel Shall be Saved”) and ask yourself, “What has to happen before that can be true?” Share with the class if you have experienced or know of any way that the predictions of this prophecy have come true. Is it not true that every day, thousands and thousands of people are accepting the message of God’s last-days church? By believing in God’s promises should we–and can we–bring many persons of Jewish belief into a full acceptance of God’s salvation offered to them? Explain.   
  5. The Salvation of Sinners. Does God love the Jewish people more than the people of the rest of the world? Do we need to change our attitude and our approach to the Jewish people? Your lesson states, “(H)ad the Christian church treated the Jews better, many more might have come to their Messiah.” What do you think about that? How does the paganism of Christianity and the substitution of man-made statements of belief hinder the proclamation of Jesus the Messiah to the Jews? What can you and I do about it? 

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons