Singing with Inspiration – Lesson 12: Overcoming Evil with Good

It is hard to believe that there is only one more Lesson study after this one, and then 2017 disappears into eternity-past. May our study today instruct us in the way God will help us Overcome Evil With Good.

The first part of Sunday’s lesson shows we are in a battle with sin, therefore:
Hymn 614, “Sound the Battle Cry”.

Monday goes on to show us:
Hymn 79, “O Love of God, How Strong and True!” as well as
Hymn 77, “O Love of God Most Full”. At the end of that study we see
Hymn 177, “Jesus, Your Blood and Righteousness”.

Wednesday request that we Love One Another. The hymn that comes to mind for this study is:
Hymn 654, “Lord, Bless Our Homes”.

Salvation is the theme for Thursday giving us:
Hymn 339, “God Is My Strong Salvation” and  
Hymn 646, “To the Name That Brings Salvation”
. The thoughts of the day are closed with the Second Coming:
Hymn 213, “Jesus Is Coming Again”. We pray sincerely that day comes VERY soon.

God’s blessings to you for a very Happy Christmas holiday and a blessed and safe New Year.

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”. – Romans 1:7


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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons