7:Feb 9, 2018 The Marks of a Steward Discussion starters, Joyce Griffith

Lesson 6: The Marks of the Steward

  1. Faithfulness. Whenever you have opportunity to hold to what is right, how does your decision to do what God says help you fight–and win–the “good fight of faith”? Have you ever been tempted to do “what comes naturally” rather than what you know God wants you to do? How are concepts of “trust” and “faithfulness” related to your life as a steward of God? Martin Luther the Reformer devoted his life to being faithful to the gospel. How far was he willing to take this vow of faithfulness?
  2. Loyalty. The Bible says that God is a jealous God. How can we be loyal to a jealous God? What kind of jealousy does God possess? Explain how our loyalty can be twisted into a selfish type of self-promotion or greed. On the other hand, describe how jealousy can be the sign of deep devotion and love. Or can it? Can you imagine how precious to God our loyalty to Him must be?
  3. A clear conscience. Think (but don’t talk about) the last time you lost your temper, hurt someone’s feelings, or walked away with something that wasn’t yours to take. When things like that happen, do you feel that your eternal life is at stake? Is it? If you’ve done wrong, does Jesus want you to feel the “strain of a guilty conscience”? What does He want you to do about it?
  4. Obedience. Your lesson states, “We don’t obey to be saved; we obey because we are already saved.” If you believe this, explain what it means. Does the horrible consequences of Cain’s disobedience in presenting an offering to God that wasn’t God’s command say anything about how we should obey God? Explain. As Bible-believing Christians we often take the heat for being legalistic because we believe we should obey God. When scolded for a legalistic attitude toward obedience, what is a reasonable approach we can take toward confronting such accusations? What can we say or do?
  5. Trustworthy. You’re hiring a manager for your business. What is most important in choosing a trustworthy manager: (a) to be sure the new manager has a good understanding of your business and won’t take advantage of you? (b) to believe he will do what he says he will do to benefit the business? (c) to see the person’s interest and willingness to advance the goals of the business? Can a person earn a reputation of trustworthiness so that others who know him or her can place confidence in him or her even as a new worker?   

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