Thursday: Trustworthy

Read Luke 16:10-12. What does this teach us about being trustworthy? Why is this trait so important for a faithful steward?

This principle of trustworthiness is seen all through the Bible. For example, in one story four chief Levite gatekeepers were entrusted to protect the Old Testament sanctuary at night.

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They were to guard the rooms full of treasure and to hold the keys to open the doors every morning (1 Chron. 9:26-27). They were given this task because they were deemed trustworthy.

Being trustworthy is a characteristic of a good steward. This means that trustworthy stewards understand the deep significance of their role; they understand that God is trustworthy, and they will aim to be the same (Deut. 32:41 Kings 8:56).

Trustworthiness implies a mature set of character traits. It is the highest level of character and competence that a person can achieve in the eyes of observers. Reflecting God’s character means you will do what you say you will do, regardless of circumstances or people who press you to do otherwise (2 Kings 12:15).

Daniel was considered trustworthy by the monarchs of two world kingdoms. His reputation throughout his life as a trustworthy counselor who fearlessly delivered wisdom and truth to kings was in direct opposition to that of the court soothsayers and magicians. Trustworthiness is the crown jewel of ethics; it puts your moral principles on display in their purest form. This quality in a steward does not appear overnight but comes over time by being faithful in even the little things.

Others notice our trustworthiness. They respect us and depend on us because they know we are not easily swayed by opinions, fads, or flattery. Being trustworthy is thus a demonstration of character performance in every responsibility played out on earth, the proving ground for heaven. “We are to be faithful, trustworthy subjects of the kingdom of Christ, that those who are worldly-wise may have a true representation of the riches, the goodness, the mercy, the tenderness, and the courtesy of the citizens of the kingdom of God.” – Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, p. 190.

Think about someone whom you know personally who is trustworthy. What can you learn from that person that would help you be more trustworthy as well?

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons