7 Honesty with God – Discussion Starters

  1. An honest heart. What is it? “But on the good ground, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience” (Luke 8:15). Honesty, your lesson states, is something we have to learn. It doesn’t come naturally. What is one tremendous benefit of being honest at all times? What does honesty have to do with paying tithe? 
  2. A  matter of simple honesty. If you have a church friend who is going through hard times financially, do you assure your friend that it’s okay to skip paying tithe until things get easier? What should you say to a fellow church member who says he doesn’t (or can’t) pay tithe and that he hopes you think it’s okay if he doesn’t? What is a “faithful” tithe? Is the faithful tithe payer honest? generous? Does paying tithe come easier when you realize that everything you own or earn belongs to God? 
  3. The life of faith. Do you believe your life is growing in faith? What should you do if you want to grow more faithful than you are now? Does God give us tests from time to time to see if we are being faithful? Or do the tests we go through in life have some other purpose? Was Abraham faithful in keeping the command made by God regarding his son Isaac? How did he know it was faith that led him to obey God? Or maybe he just thought it might be a good practice. What do you think? 
  4. A statement of faith.  What about tithe paying is (1) evidence of faith; (2) related to “weightier matter of the law”? and (3) proof that Jesus is our redeemer? Do you think the angels in heaven pay tithe? Why or why not? What about tithe paying is so simple that even a child can understand it? Are you sure that the tithe is an instrument of God? Or was it a plan developed by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists? 
  5. Honest tithe; holy to the Lord. Why can’t we consecrate the tithe to God? If we return an honest tithe, does that help us show that we are righteous? Why or why not? What is the connection between tithe paying and holiness? Isn’t tithe paying an Old Testament custom? What evidence do we have that tithe is a symbol of our dedication even today? Do you rejoice in the privilege of belonging to a group of Christians who follow the commands of tithing?
  6. Revival, reformation, and tithe paying. Hezekiah enjoyed a remarkable reign as king over a nation enjoying both peace and joy. Why was he so blessed? Imagine being a member of the tribe of Judah while they were rejoicing over their continued good fortune under Hezekiah’s rule? Is it possible that God is looking forward to an end-time church that is totally dedicated to the principle of tithe paying? Are you ready to respond to His invitation?   

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons