8 The Impact of Tithing – Discussion Starters

  1. Memory verse quote. Does it surprise you to read in the Bible that the Lord said to Paul, His champion leader in the early Christian church, “the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should live from the gospel”? (1 Corinthians 9:14, NKJV). How does God’s church today fulfill that command? What is the earliest reference in Scripture to tithe giving? What is the equivalent today of that practice? How do you deal with looks of surprise by Christians who have not developed a thorough understanding of our task as church believers to give financial support to our church? Tithing has been called the first step taken by a faithful steward. Discuss.    
  2. Together we fund the mission. What does God show us to be the most important work of His church? What is the “whole tithe” that God asks us to bring into His storehouse to make it possible to fulfill this mission? Why don’t we just divide the total church budget by the number of members and let that amount be the “whole tithe” for each member? What are some of the most important benefits to the church of the tithing system God set forth for us? What are some of the spiritual rewards of an honest “one of ten” tithe that we pay promptly and with joy in our hearts?
  3. The blessings of God. Isn’t it wonderful that we receive a precious blessing from God as we support our church’s tithing program? Is that blessing financial? or spiritual? or both? Share a special blessing you have received from God by being faithful to the tithing system. Some of us struggle to meet our financial needs month by month. Others are blessed with abundance. Can we be a true blessing to others regardless of the height of our bank account? Should we be? What have you found to be the greatest blessing God gives us through the tithing system?
  4. Purpose of the tithe.  The legendary Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. “I was like Robin Hood,” a cartoon character says, “except that I kept what I took.” What did Paul say about receiving more from a poor church than from a wealthier one? How do you feel about our church’s program of providing a living wage to our pastors? Couldn’t they live on a much more meager income? Ellen White had strong words about using the tithe to give the poor money for living expenses. What was her thought on how God wants us to spend the tithe money? Do you agree? 
  5. The storehouse. When I was about five and heard the verse about bringing all the tithes into the storehouse, I immediately wanted to know where the storehouse was, could we go there, and what was in it. God has a much more spiritual meaning, doesn’t He? What is His storehouse? Has God’s storehouse for His people changed in location? size? contents? throughout the past six thousand years? Where is your church’s storehouse today? What does God want you to experience when you give to that storehouse? Is God’s storehouse the way He wants you support the church’s work?
  6. Tithe and salvation by faith. Does giving an honest tithe assure you and me of a home in heaven? Why or why not? Will faithful followers who gave more than you did in your lifetime receive more than you will when you all meet Jesus in the earth made new? Do you think we’ll ever talk about how much we gave on earth when we are safe and saved in God’s kingdom? Share with others in the class what it means to you to give all that the Lord requires, including the tithe of 10% of your increase. 

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons