1: The Cosmic Controversy – Discussion Starters

  1. Hold on! Let’s Go! “The Cosmic Controversy” is the title for our lessons for the second quarter this year. Have you ever wondered how the controversy really got started? Since you and I weren’t around back then and since our world seems inexorably buried in war, confusion, and evil, is it helpful for us to know how sin came to be? How can our understanding of the end time stand the scrutiny of fellow Christians searching for truth? 
  2. The fall of a perfect being. Have you ever scowled at an apple in your hand and grumbled, “Why did you cause all this trouble?” Of course the apple bears no blame for what happened. But what was wrong with Lucifer’s mind to set about establishing the evil force we call sin and lure created beings to join him? Is there a reasonable explanation for sin? How does our lesson support the concept that the controversy between good and evil rose separately from the creation of the world?
  3. More than head knowledge. Why can’t we find an explanation for the appearance of sin in God’s universe? Read Genesis 3:1-7 and explain why Eve was not innocent in eating the fruit that God told her would bring death. Why was Eve so foolish as to listen to words spoken by the serpent even though they were opposed to what God had told her? What was she doing listening to a serpent in the first place? How could it be that Adam and Eve listened to Satan and ignored what God had told them?
  4. War in heaven and on earth. Once Adam and Eve had scorned the word of God and turned to the serpent for guidance, what changed in heaven? The controversy between good and evil that absorbs our planet and affects our lives day by day–are you sure it will some day come to an end? Is the war between Christ and Satan a duel between two gods? Or is it a fight-to-the-finish battle between Satan and the  creation and all created beings? How sure are you that it will end and that God will win?
  5. The law and the gospel. Our Seventh-day Adventist church includes as much of our doctrines as a three-word designation can hold, and they are all supported by the Law of God. What Bible doctrines can you extract from our church’s name? Do you find that keeping God’s law and following God’s teachings are heavy and hard for you to do? We tell others we are not legalists, but since we uphold the ten commandments, how can we support that claim? 

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons