Tuesday: War in Heaven and Earth

The fall of our first parents plunged the world into sin, evil, and death. People might disagree on the immediate causes, or who’s at fault, but who can deny the reality of the turmoil, violence, upheaval, and conflict that afflict us all here?

The Fallen Ones

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We talk about a cosmic controversy, a cosmic conflict; and that’s fine and true. But whatever the cosmic origins of this conflict, it is being played out here on earth, as well. Indeed, so much biblical history — from the fall in Eden up through final events leading to the second coming of Jesus — is in many ways the biblical exposition of the great controversy. We live amid this controversy. The Word of God explains to us what is going on, what is behind it, and most important, how it is going to end.

Read Revelation 12:1-17. What battles does this chapter portray as unfolding both in heaven and on earth?

We see a battle in heaven, and battles on earth, as well. The first battle is between the dragon (Satan, Rev. 12:7-9) and Michael (Hebrew meaning: “Who is like God?”). The rebel Lucifer became known as Satan (Adversary), who is merely a created being fighting against the eternal Creator, Jesus (Heb. 1:1-2John 1:1-4).

Lucifer was rebelling against his Maker. The great controversy is not about dueling gods; it’s about a creature rebelling against his Creator and manifesting that rebellion by attacking the creation, as well.

Failing in his battle against Christ in heaven, Satan sought to go after Him on earth right after His human birth (Rev. 12:4). Failing in his battle against Christ here, and then failing against Him in the wilderness and later at the cross, Satan — after his irreversible defeat at Calvary — went to war against Christ’s people. This war has raged through much of Christian history (Rev. 12:6Rev. 12:14-16) and will continue until the end (Rev. 12:17), until Satan faces another defeat, this time at the second coming of Jesus.

Read Revelation 12:10-12. What hope do we find in these verses amid all the controversy and conflict seen in the other texts?

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons