Monday: The Humility of Daniel

All over the world, Daniel 2 has helped untold numbers of people come to believe in the God of the Bible. It provides powerfully rational evidence, not only for the existence of God but for His foreknowledge.

Through God's power

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Indeed, it is the revelation that the chapter provides of God’s foreknowledge that presents evidence for God’s existence.

Read Daniel 2. How does the chapter provide such convincing evidence for the reality of God? Look, too, at Europe today as depicted in the book (Dan. 2:40-43). How could a man who lived about twenty-six hundred years ago have described so accurately the situation there, other than through divine revelation?

Daniel had openly and unashamedly given all the credit to God for what had been revealed to him. How easily he could have bragged about his already acknowledged wisdom and understanding as the source of his ability not only to know the king’s dream but to interpret it! But Daniel knew better than that. The prayers that he and the others prayed (Dan. 2:17-23) showed their utter dependence upon God; otherwise they would have died with the rest of the wise men.

Later Daniel reminded the king that none of his professional wise men, enchanters, or magicians proved able to tell the king his dream. By contrast, the God in heaven can reveal mysteries because He is the only true God.

Thus, in his humility and in his dependence upon God, Daniel was able to be a powerful witness. If Daniel, back then, showed humility, how much more should we reveal humility today? After all, we have a revelation of the plan of salvation that Daniel didn’t; and if anything should keep us humble, it should be knowledge of what Jesus did at the cross.

What should the Cross teach us about humility? What does it say to us, not only about our own sinfulness but also about our utter dependence upon God for salvation? Think about where you would be without the Cross. What then do you have to boast about, other than the Cross? See Gal. 6:14.

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons