#2 Daniel and the End Time – Discussion Starters

  1. Faithful in what is least. The statement of Daniel and the “worthies” taken captive by Babylon revealed an honest and wholehearted trait of these young men. What was it? Do you think the good results in reasoning and intelligence came directly from a good diet–or were they a miracle God sent to bless them? Or both? Does God still honor obedience, or is that mostly an Old Testament requirement? Since we have so much knowledge in these last days, why don’t we also have a tremendous amount of faithfulness and obedience? Or do we?
  2. The humility of Daniel. Take a look at the second chapter of Daniel and answer this question: Was it through vigorous study and prayer that Daniel was able to establish the fact of the eternal existence of God? Or was it only through divine revelation? By being such a solid representative of God’s word, how do you think Daniel was able to be humble? Didn’t he realize he was breaking records and was close to God and should be exalted for his accomplishments? You and I know the whole gospel story and its truth as revealed in the Old and New Testaments. Does that knowledge ever give us a sense of power more than humility?
  3. The golden image. What was wrong about bowing in support of the most powerful leader on earth at that time? How do you suppose Nebuchadnezzar felt when he saw the men refusing to show proper respect, as he saw it, for his commands? How did the king express his lack of knowledge about God? How was God revealed to him?Did the men know for sure that God would rescue them? Did that possibility make any difference to them? Do you think we will face the issue of proper worship in our last days before the Second Coming? Explain. 
  4. Conversion of the Gentiles. Was Nebuchadnezzar’s conversion complete? Or did he end up more wicked than ever? Is it hard for you to imagine a self-centered man like Nebuchadnezzar converted to a humble person? What was the king’s final evaluation of the “Hebrew” god? Hundreds of years later, what took place in the early Christian church that echoes back to this expression of astonishment by Nebuchadnezzar? 
  5. The faithfulness of Daniel. Read Daniel 6, and then describe the character of Daniel as revealed there. What are some comparisons we can make between Daniel’s life among the Babylonians and the life of some today who live under the rule of people who do not know God? What about children who have learned to love God but their parents do not? Actually, we are told by theologians, Daniel didn’t really have to worship Nebuchadnezzar. What if any difference would it have made to Daniel in that case?

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons