Thursday: The Faithfulness of Daniel

Read Daniel 6 and then answer the following questions:

1. What does Daniel 6:4-5 reveal about the character of Daniel? What lessons can we take from these verses about how we should be seen?

2. What parallels can we find in this chapter that link it to final events as depicted in the book of Revelation? See Rev. 13:4Rev. 13:8Rev. 13:11-17.

3. Put yourself in the place of Daniel in this situation. What rationale or argument could he have used in order not to pray?

The Faithfulness of Daniel

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That is, how could he have justified not doing what he did, and, thus, spare himself the ordeal of getting thrown in the lions’ den?

4. Why do you think Daniel continued to pray as he always did, even though he didn’t necessarily have to?

5. What did King Darius say (Dan. 6:16even before Daniel was thrown in the lions’ den that showed he knew something about the power of Daniel’s God? What in his words showed the witness of Daniel himself to the king concerning the God Daniel worshiped and served?


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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons