3. Jesus and the Book of Revelation – Discussion starters

  1. The structure of Revelation. We’ve heard the term, “Daniel and Revelation” for years. What is the powerful link between those two books? How does Revelation 12 link to the first 11 chapters of the book and to Christians today? What about the link between Revelation 12 and the last 10 chapters? We can look at thebook of Revelation in two ways, the historical (past) and the eschatological (future). “One of the lessons we learn from history is that we never learn from history.” Is that unavoidable?  
  2. Images of Jesus. Describe the following pictures of Jesus as projected inRevelation: Words from the text are to help you draw (or imagine) the pictures.  

    Rev 1:5 faithful witness”… 

    Rev 1:18 I have the keys …”

    Rev 5:8 “…fell down…”

    Rev 19:11-15 “…He Himself will rule them…”

    Rev 21:6 “…alpha and omega…”

    Rev 1:5 “…firstborn from the dead…”

    Rev 1:18 “I am alive for evermore…”

    Rev 5:8 “…each having a harp, and golden bowls…”

    Rev 19:11-15 “…I saw heaven opened..”

    Rev 21:6 “behold a white horse…”

  3. The sanctuary motif in Revelation. Because you and I entered the timeline of history more than two thousand years after the services of the sanctuary were closed at Christ’s death, it may be hard for us to grasp all of the connections between the sanctuary and the messages of Revelation. Why is it important to consider these connections today? What is the impact of John’s seeing the ark of the covenant as the heavenly tabernacle opened? In today’s feverish days, what great comfort is ours as we consider the heavenly sanctuary and its role today?
  4. Christ in Revelation: Part One.  What does Jesus walking among the lampstands represent? What about the open door? One of our church’s key doctrines is belief in the atoning death of Jesus. How does that doctrine assure us of the grand and total reign of Christ over the world, a reign that will eliminate all of the heartache and suffering we endure today? In Revelation 1 God reveals to us through His prophet John some amazing realities of His Second Coming. Share your thoughts on these. 
  5. Christ in Revelation: Part Two. Why did John fall down at Jesus’ feet in fear when he saw Jesus? Share some of features of Christ in this appearance that demonstrate His majesty and power. How did Jesus respond to John’s stark and nameless fear? Are you glad that you have found a body of Christians who believe in the Bible from the beginning to the end? Just as important, how does knowing that Jesus is the creator who is standing on the edge of eternity to save us forever, bring peace and joy to our hearts?

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons