Lesson 6: The “Change” of the Law – Discussion starters

  1. The seventh day. Is it true that keeping the seventh-day Sabbath is not a requirement for salvation? Or, expressed another way, will Christians be saved for eternal life without honoring Sabbath as the correct day of worship? Will honoring the seventh-day Sabbath ever become a test of our dedication to God and His way to salvation? Will the Sabbath become even more important as the coming of Jesus approaches? If so, why?
  2. The promise. What is there about Romans 8:1 that makes this text stand out in describing God’s great love for us? Are the preceding verses in chapter 7 enough to make even the strong-hearted tremble in recognition of the power of temptation? If you never feel the force of temptation, is that a good sign? Why or why not? Paul feels pulled down by the body of death, but he finds release. How? What keeps faithful Christians from being condemned by sin?
  3. The law and sin. Does a stop sign on the highway keep us alive as we drive along? Read the first 14 verses of Romans 7. Do some Christians find strength from this passage to argue that the law is no longer in force? What does Paul mean when he says, “I would not have known sin except through the law”? If that’s what he means, couldn’t we get rid of sin by eliminating the law? Why not?
  4. From Sabbath to Sunday? Since we are surrounded by Christian groups who honor Sunday above all other days for worship, why not go along with that practice and make friends in the process? In John 20:19, 23 what does the meeting of the disciples in one place on Sunday have to do with making Sunday the holy day of the week? What about Acts 20:6-7? Didn’t the disciples gather to break bread on the first day of the week? Did the occasional practice of collecting funds on the first day somehow sanctify that day?
  5. The attempted change of the Sabbath. Why is Satan so intense in his desire to wipe out the Bible-based Sabbath? What role does worship play in the final crisis? Will worshipers be persecuted and even put to death by continuing to honor the seventh day Sabbath? Has that persecution already begun in some parts of the world? What can you and I do to honor the seventh-day Sabbath and proclaim it as God’s masterpiece of worship?  

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons