Lesson 7: Matthew 24 and 25 – Discussion starters

  1. False Messiahs.  Have you ever met or heard about a person near you claiming to have supernatural powers and being a true representative of Christ? If this happens to you, what would you do or say? Besides warning us, what valuable gift did Jesus give us end-time followers to comfort and strengthen us? How will the parables Jesus shared with us help us make it through to the end without falling?
  2. A powerful confirmation of prophecy. Why do you think the disciples so quickly assumed that the destruction of the holy temple would mark the end of the world? Has your heart ever beat a little faster after you learned of yet another disaster or troublesome situation? What do we end-time Adventists have as a belief that has helped us understand why Jesus hasn’t come yet? Do you think there will be some who say when Jesus does come that it is not Him? How will you respond to these people?
  3. Enduring to the end. How soon will the deception of Satan and his angels about the coming of Jesus be unmasked? Is it possible, even probable, that thought leaders will find it fairly easy to convince listeners that their chosen leaders will be persuaded to follow them and not the Word of God? Why can a person know all of the Bible truths and still miss out on its true meaning?
  4. The “Abomination of Desolation.” In Daniel 9 what can we clearly see revealed about the fate of Jerusalem? What are the “two phases” of the Roman power? Are we affected in any way today by the modern workings of this power? Should we be speaking out more boldly about the prophecies of the last days as given to us in the Bible? Are you as a Seventh-day Adventist, being bolder than you used to be in proclaiming end-time truth?
  5. The Ten Virgins. Half of the virgins in this story had a serious problem. What was it? Did they believe what the Bible teaches? How hard (or easy) is it to accept what the Bible says but only on a superficial basis? How can we help the aged, the sick, the very young, and the overly sophisticated ones, to have plenty of oil (the Holy Spirit) to prepare themselves for the coming of Jesus? 
  6. Using your talents. Did the master in the parable of the talents give his servants special blessings? Or did they earn them from their hard work? Is it possible for the gifts of God to be ours but for us to let them stay in a quiet place without using them? What counsel would you share with a young person who wants to know how these gifts can be used to glorify God? What do you have to say to God about your ardent use–or their lack in His service?     

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons