Lesson 8: Worship the Creator – Discussion Starters

  1. Present truth. Those of us who read church history remember that James White published a series of little tracts called “Present Truth” in the late 1840s. This publication no longer exists, but we still use the concept of “present truth” to describe-our end-time mission. What is the connection between Revelation 14:6-12 (three angels messages) and the concept of “present truth”? What portion of Scripture is included with this lesson as “present truth”?  
  2. The universality of the gospel. How is the concept of present truth thoroughly combined with the universality of the gospel? Is there a significant difference between the “present truth” of today and the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19? How is it possible for people in China, India, Japan, The Philippines, and the countries of Africa join with Americans, Canadians, Australians and people from Europe and the British Isles to preach the present truth everywhere? Maybe God could do it, but can we carry the gospel message to the whole world?              
  3. The thief on the cross and the “Everlasting Gospel.” Your lesson points out that the thief on the cross was not a hardened criminal and had even been positively impressed by Jesus but turned away. Why didn’t Jesus lecture this sinner on the wrong choices he had made? Instead, why did he offer him full forgiveness? Do you agree that the Sabbath doctrine and other teachings of Scripture don’t matter unless they are linked to the everlasting gospel that Jesus offers freely?
  4. Fear God and give glory to Him. How can we explain to someone who doesn’t understand Seventh-day Adventist doctrines that fearing God is tightly connected to obeying Him in every respect? Is it wrong to be afraid of suffering eternal death because of our sinful past? Can God transform our lives with a dose of fearing the consequences of continuing in sin? How do glory and fear of God combine to create a beautiful friendship with Jesus?
  5. The hour of His judgment has come. You come to the final judgment with your smudgy record of sin. Do you deserve salvation? What rescues you from the horrible destination carved for your future by your past? What aspect of Christ’s ministry pulls you through? If the judgment with its horrible fulfillment is definitely going to happen, where is your safety net? How can you deal with sinners who have offended you? What message of peace can you offer them?
  6. Worship the One Who has made the heavens and earth. Take a close look at the first angel’s message in Revelation 14:6,7. What is the basic element that forms the foundation of our faith? In the final days, how will the evil one make worship that honors God as the creator of our earth seem trivial to those living outside the embrace of His grace? Can you and I proclaim God’s wisdom in all His mighty acts? What are some ways we can do that?



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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons