Lesson 10 America and Babylon – Discussion Starters

  1. Deadly wound healed. Imagine you are watching the Emperor of Rome waiting three months in the cold winter weather for an audience with Pope Gregory VII. Would you agree it was a “deadly wound” to the papacy when the papal power was shattered by this and succeeding actions? What would be your reaction if you had seen the papal power brought so low? Then what happened? Do you think the Roman church has made a full recovery from the deadly wound? Is the papacy becoming stronger? or weaker?
  2. The United States in prophecy. As a student of Seventh-day Adventist doctrine, how do you feel about the role we believe is being played by the United States in the last days? In what way is the year 1798 related to the establishment and growth of the United States in these last days? The final paragraph of your lesson states that the U.S. will set aside its lamblike characteristics and bring on destruction and persecution to God’s people. What should you and I be doing in preparation for this?
  3. An issue of worship. How important is worship as an issue in the unfolding of last day events? Isn’t the US a peaceful nation? Can you imagine this country leading a battle of persecution against God’s loving people? Given the way that persecution can deepen loyalty to God, is it possible that one, but of course not the only, strategy against God’s people will be to allure them with flattery and submission to self-worship and thus to the rejection of Christ our Savior and His salvation? 
  4. Babylon the Great. Check out the references to the three beasts in Revelation 12:3, 13:1-3 17:3. What can the dragon, the sea beast, and the scarlet beast tell us about Babylon? If you believe that Sunday worship is the hallmark of the papacy’s campaign to establish its own beliefs outside the Bible, do you think that Babylon as the predecessor of the papacy has advocated forms of false worship throughout the ages? What are some of those forms or variations? 
  5. Come out of her, my people. Can you read those words (“come out of her, my people”) without sensing the agony and sorrow of Jesus as He pleads with us to have no part in false worship? Who is Jesus addressing when he says “My people” in His final cry to offer salvation? Your lesson says more prophecies need to be fulfilled, and that’s why Jesus hasn’t come yet. What prophecies do you believe still need to be fulfilled? Can you and I do anything, anything at all, to speed up these last days so that Jesus will come to take us home?   

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons