Lesson 12: Babylon and Armageddon – Discussion Starters

  1. “The wine of her wrath” Our lesson opens with a listing of the six texts in Revelation that refer to Babylon. Does the term “Babylon” refer to troublesome times for God’s people near the end of the world as we know it? Or is the word focused mainly on confusing God’s people by proclaiming false teachings in the world before the time of the end? Think of several ways the corrupt teachings of Babylon could spread deceit and confusion in this sin-stricken world. What can we cling to that will keep us connected with God? 
  2. Babylon is fallen. With the vivid word pictures in the Bible depicting horror and destruction as the end of the world approaches, what thoughts are awakened in your heart? Ellen White, our church’s special messenger for the time just before the fall of Babylon, declared that ? According to Revelation 18:4, how corrupt have the messages of “Babylon the great” become? How can you and I obtain comfort from the promise of a direct confrontation between injustice and iniquity?
  3. Armageddon. How is the word, “Armageddon” absorbed into our culture today? How do you feel when you hear people today talking about the end of the world? Are you ready to focus on a horrible war in the area of Megiddo that will provide the setting for the battle of Armageddon? Or is there a more comprehensive Biblical interpretation of this event? Do you believe that demons will participate in this final conflict? If so, what part will they play? How can we oppose these evil spirits? 
  4. Armageddon and Mount Carmel, Part 1. Can you see a close resemblance between the work of Elijah at Mount Carmel and the conflict at Armageddon? How can Satan and the demons who support him gain power to tempt people who choose not to worship God? How can you and I be sure as we go into the final conflict, that we are worshippers of God in His holiness and not followers in the spirit of rebellion? How can we be sure our faith and our loyalty are with God even in the face of Satanic rebellion and temptation to drag us away from Him?
  5. Armageddon and Mount Carmel, Part 2.  How does the fact that Elijah and the true followers of God at Mount Carmel were a small minority affect your understanding of this overwhelming event at the end of time? Envision the way Elijah stood up against the forces of evil and poured water on his sacrifice. What happened next? Is God ready to demonstrate his power over evil in the final days of earth’s history? Are you and I ready to turn from popular, secular beliefs about the world and cling wholly to the straight and uncompromising word of God? 

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons