Lesson 13: The Return of our Lord Jesus – Discussion Starters

  1. The Return of Our Lord Jesus. Have you ever thought about the way the name of our church, Seventh-day Adventist, memorializes creation in six days and anticipates Jesus’ second coming when eternal life will be ours? As our lesson author points out, “In our beginning, we find our end.” Are you eager to accept the end of that life in exchange for life without end? 
  2. The Day of the Lord. Is the Christian’s belief in the certainty of the second coming of Jesus presented exclusively in the New Testament? If not, what does the Old Testament say about the second coming? Share your favorite Old Testament texts about the second coming with fellow class members. In your class discuss how the Day of the Lord can be both a day of destruction and sorrow as well as a Day of Deliverance. Are you on the right side? Can you make sure you are on a course to the heavenly joy that will never fade? How?
  3. Daniel and the Second Coming. How important to God and to His people was the establishment of the kingdom of Israel as the leading power in this world? In the book of Daniel, how is God’s plan for the establishment of His Kingdom on earth promised to all who believe? One way or another, eternity awaits us all. How is that powerful statement true for everyone. believer or heretic? In what sense do even those who are eternally lost come to the point that they face eternity? 
  4. Long-Term Prospects. Contrast the deep hope you and I have for God’s establishment of a pure and lasting kingdom and the common understanding that it will all come to an end some day. Imagine standing before a court of law and hearing a sentence of death being passed on you. How would you feel standing before a few believers just a short time before you were to be executed? How did Paul feel? Can you and I have the same hope and spirit of joy that Paul possessed?
  5. In the Clouds of Heaven.  Imagine a massive array of clouds as Ellen White perceived them at the Second Coming. She describes the sea being lashed into fury and other massive events. Do even the unsaved see these last-day events as signs of Jesus and His presence? How do they feel? What about those with nothing to fear as the final moments melt into history?
  6. The Living and the Dead.  Jesus not only spoke words of hope about Lazarus’s return to life; what else did He do that made His words sure words of promise? Do you ever imagine graves opening and releasing followers of God to life? What changes will we, who are united with Jesus when He comes, experience at the time? Have you ever heard someone say that life is too good to give it up? How can we encourage fellow believers to accept the promise and trust in the Great Gift Giver of all time so that He will take them to live with Him forever?



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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons