1: The Book of Acts – Discussion Starters

  1. The Book of Acts. Imagine being a Christian in the early church just days after Christ has returned to His throne. Would you feel lonely? Abandoned? Discouraged? Or eager to get on with the work of evangelizing the world for Jesus? Based on what we know about early church history, how do you think the young church leaders obtained the courage and strength they needed to carry on their work? What can we learn from their example?
  2. The restoration of Israel. Even the disciples, for all their enthusiasm about Jesus as redeemer and rescuer of His people, were virtually knocked out of their senses when Jesus calmly told them it wasn’t for them to know the details of the Father’s plan. How should the disciples have understood the resurrection in relation to the coming kingdom? Do you and I ever fall into temptation and believe certain things simply because they seem right to us? Give an example.
  3.  The Disciples’ mission. What did the gift of the Holy Spirit accomplish after Christ’s resurrection? How did their first-hand witnessing especially qualify the disciples to lead out in God’s work? Imagine the discouragement of the disciples when they hoped for their eternal redemption but instead watched as Jesus died for our sins. Why didn’t Jesus tell his disciples when He was coming again? How is the timing of the Second Coming to be determined? Why? What topic of the mission was assigned to the disciples?
  4. He will come again. Why was Jesus “taken up” after His Resurrection? How did that journey to heaven take place? Did God take Jesus to heaven with Him? Or did Jesus go on His own power? In what ways will the Second Coming of Jesus be even more grand and glorious than the First? Is it a good idea to reflect often on the grandeur and glory of the Second Coming? Or should we just wait to see how it happens?          
  5. Preparing for Pentecost. Why didn’t Jesus correct His disciples, who assumed that Jesus was coming again right away? How did this belief affect the emotions of the disciples? Where did the disciples go after Jesus ascended to heaven? Why were two brothers of Jesus there in the upper room? How did those in the upper room find a spirit of harmony and anticipation even in the absence of Jesus?
  6. The twelfth apostle. Try to imagine the disciples meeting to make plans for the nascent Christian belief system. Did the disciples disagree with one another about the acceptance of Paul in their group of devout Christian leaders? Why or why not? Who was Matthias? How did he become part of this group? Why was the practice of the casting of lots not necessary after this?         

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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons