5: The Conversion of Paul – Discussion Starters

  1. From Saul to Paul. Shouldn’t that be, “the conversion of Saul”? rather than “the conversion of Paul?” No. Our lesson guide is accurate. Saul’s name was NOT changed to Paul at his conversion. Turns out that he just happened to have two names: Paul and Saul. He continued to go by the name, Saul, for a while but eventually chose to be known as Paul. How does that change our perception of this two-name church leader? Or does it?
  2. Saul, Paul and Stephen. Did Saul-Paul have reason to boast about his actions against the early church? What did Saul-Paul think of Stephen? Let’s call him Paul from now on. What was the big stumbling block toPaul’s acceptance of Christians? Why?
  3. A fight on the road. Jesus appears to Paul as he and some companions draw close to Damascus. A blinding bright light shines on the group. Is Paul blinded more by the light or by the voice that speaks? Did that voice speak words of comfort and courage? Why not? What does Jesus accuse Paul of in this brief encounter? Did Paul “kick against the pricks”? according to the voice? 
  4. Paul’s momentary belief system. Does it bother you at all that this great leader of the Christian church thought he was doing the right thing although h
    e wasn’t? Didn’t Paul see Stephen as blasphemer? And how did he see Jesus at that time? Are you sure you want to place your confidence in the leadership of a church founded on such shaky principles? What is the way out of this dilemma?
  5. The question of a lifetime. What was the most important question Paul could ask at this turning point in his life? How did Ananias get into the action? Did a heartless confrontation ensue between these two people? Was Paul the most obsessive enemy of God at that time? If any this is true, how was Paul accepted so readily into the church?
  6. The nominating committee.  In your imagination, place yourself on the nominating committee that has taken the step to choose Paul as a hearty and devout church leader. What are this man’s credentials? How can you and your fellow believers possibly trust this man as the central figure in God’s earthly church at this time?        




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Source: Daily Sabbath School Lessons